Tuesday, December 13

~ the complete year ~

 guys! today i'm so happy...u guys know y?? because in can do better i my PENGAJIAN AM  paper...heee~~ ALHAMDULILLAH....2 more days...wink-2 +__+

but! the happiest thing i had today was....my first annyversarry in my sweet cute simple relationship wif enHasyraf a.k.a mrBucha....hee~~ 

the complete year..!

i'm proud to be wif u sayang...wahhhhh3!! heee~~~~ 

a lot of sweet sour memories along this first year....being wif him make my time stop!

happy wif u sayang.....<3   just promise me that u never live me alone no matter what...! orite sayang....? hee~~

no more talk! this time, u guys just hear what these picca talked..HAHA ! ;p

our first day met! the day he proposed me to be his sweet cute notty princess ever..! heee~~
and i said..." Yes, I do..!" lalalalala.;p

did u see guys how sweet cute lovely are we...? heee~~
no matter what, i'll always love him...<3


December 13, 2010
InsyaAllah...Aminn.. ;)


1 comment:

  1. congrats dear,.. :D

    Happy together sapa ke anok cucu cicit deh,. xD